The Legends Series

Sets of bespoke high quality prints created utilising brush strokes to create a vintage look and style. The series itself is grouped into collections celebrating 'legends' from different genres.

  • Available at a3, a4 and a5 dimensions.
  • Printed on high quality 300gsm paper.

The first set released is Set One of the Blue Streak Collection which features three Sonic the Hedgehog prints of;

  1. The Sonic 1 logo.
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog himself.
  3. Motobug, a badnik from Sonic 1.

The logo, character and badnik in this set all have a primary colour scheme of red, yellow and blue so I thought it would be cool to have the backgrounds in a secondary colour scheme of orange, green and purple which looks great when displayed together as a set.

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