Launching the Legends February 06 2015

A big hello there to everyone and welcome to my new store!

It's always an awesome feeling when you successfully build/design something new. It just rocks! This has been one of those experiences because Shopify is such a great platform to build on and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to start selling online.

It all begins today, I have 10 products ready and waiting for you with some new designs already in the pipeline.

I have always enjoyed designing my own versions of TV shows, games or films be it on posters or DVD covers. My motivation for opening this store is to give myself an extra purpose to keep designing what I love by finally sharing my designs with the world. It gives me goose-bumps to think of someone buying my work and having it on display.

At the moment Collections include Drawings, Posters, Custom Covers and the Legends series.

The Legends series are sets of bespoke high quality prints created utilising brush strokes to create a vintage look and style. The series is itself grouped into collections showcasing 'legends' from different genres. The first set available is from the Blue Streak collection which features Sonic the Hedgehog prints. The three prints in each Blue Streak set feature;

  1. One print of a logo from a Sonic game.
  2. A character from the game.
  3. A badnik from the game.

Set One of Blue Streak features the Sonic One logo, Sonic himself and Motobug.

Stay tuned for news on Set Two of the Blue Streak collection.

Up next though in the Legends Series is the first set in the Half-Shell collection which features none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Turtle Power arrives soon!

View the Blue Streak Collection